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A small preview of an upcoming art print, which now has the first of three colors down, other two are coming soon. After this it’s prints for Artcrank, then Dead Rockstars, and then gig posters for Deerhoof and First Aid Kit.


Here’s a sneak peak at a drawing I’m working on… this isn’t connected to a band or a poster show, it’ll end up as an art print though it’ll change a lot in the transition from paper to films.

Printing + on the rackā€¦ next and last color tomorrow, then the Lost in the Trees poster.

WIP: Films for the Bowerbirds

A quick photo of the next poster’s films in progress… one more layer to draw, and then on to printing.

In the works…

Working on the poster for an upcoming Caravan of Thieves show in Northampton, MA. This is the first color, with the most coverage. There’ll be two more colors, red and black.