Archive | January 2012

New Work: Zoroaster + Hail!Hornet + Slow Southern Steel Screening poster

Just finished up this poster for Zoroaster and Hail!Hornet’s show and a screening of Slow Souther Steel. 18×24, three colors, edition of 49, detail shots here and here. I’ll be mailing off some to Zoroaster to sell at the show, and I’ll have copies available starting the day after (that’s February 10).


A general update: I’m in the process of moving shop right now, so there hasn’t been much printing around here, but I’ll hopefully be fully back in by this weekend. In the meantime I’ve been working on films/a bit of printing for a Zoroaster poster for next month, as well as an art print that is proving to be very involved. Stay tuned!

New Work: Please Just Give Me Some Space

I’m back from a slightly longer than planned holiday vacation, and got printing as soon as I could. Here’s a set of four monoprints titled Please Just Give Me Some Space: the first starts out like a regular absurd-amounts-of-lines drawing, but the rest inverse themselves into the printed area to give some space on the outside. Pen was used for the last three, and a rainbow colored pencil for the first.

Interestingly enough on the first one (because this wasn’t planned), with this particular colored pencil the color changes if you twist the pencil around, and I am in the habit of twisting my pencil/pen around a lot when doing these lines, so you can actually see all the places where I shift the pencil or change the angle.