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Seen in the wild…


New Work: Caravan of Thieves Gig Poster

Just brought this home from the shop! This is for Caravan of Thieves’ show on October 29, 2011 in Northampton, MA. Edition of 20, 6.25 by 19 inches on French Speckletone Madero Beach. If you haven’t heard this of band, you should really take a listen, they’re one of my favorites.

In the works…

Working on the poster for an upcoming Caravan of Thieves show in Northampton, MA. This is the first color, with the most coverage. There’ll be two more colors, red and black.

New Work: The Tempest

I’ve just started a few things working with appropriation and using this style of silhouettes combined with linethings. This is the first of at least three to come, using a traditional painting as a jumping off point – The Tempest. I’ll post the next one next week, and sometime this weekend I should have a gig poster and a few miscellaneous prints as well. I’m also planning on turning this into a screenprint at some point, maybe the others in the series as well.

New Work: Firebird In Ink

Just finished this. I had made some films for a smaller print in a similar style over the summer, and since I couldn’t get to a shop to see it finished I decided to do a pen drawing. This is the result.