Archive | August 2011

New Work: Randomly Generated Map 01

The very first piece I did drawing lines around bits in a paper at one point looked like a map. I didn’t keep it like that, but ever since I’ve wanted to do a series of maps in this style. To do this I took a sheet of paper that had a lot of specks and bits, and selected some in clumps to make land (or a few outliers for islands) and drew those lines in green. As it expanded, I waited for it to look like it could be an actual seaside and then drew the remaining lines in blue for the sea. There were a lot of bits I didn’t outline and that was actually pretty difficult, because with other things I’ve used this sort of paper for I’ve circled every single little dot, and I wanted to do the same with this. All the same, I quite like how it turned out, and will definitely be doing more. Click for a larger image, and detail shots below.